All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-1


Madarame told them a story about a silly guy that he met at his job interview.

Oono: It is said that who surpasses the genius is the natural-born.

Madarame: Me, neither a genius or a bright man.

Sasahara: There, there. You’ll have better chance next time. Saying so, here’s something like this…

He passes him a thick catalog for the next Comi-Fes.

Madarame: Do you mean “Read this, check this, and plus participate this”?

He’s wearing a business suit today too, so he’s supposed to be busy until he finds a job.

Sasahara: You won’t come?

Madarame: Uh, yeah, I will.

Sasahara: With the suit and the catalog, you just look like the picture of Otary-man [ a coined word : Otaku+Salaried worker].

Madarame: Knock it off! Actually I’m still less than a Otary-man.

Oono: The next Comi-Fes will hold 2 days, right? What’s the plan for us?

Sasahara: Hm, nothing especially, it’d go usual. We’re shopping together the last day but the first day is up to each one, coming or not. Oono, you’re free to do your cos-play on the last day.

Oono: Thank you. That day’s easier for my friends and others to come, after all. But I’m coming on the first day for shopping too, so let me know when there’s something I can do.

She looks at Ogiue, who’s been keeping out of their conversation.

Madarame: Is Kugayama coming, too?

Sasahara: I’m not sure. I haven’t asked him yet. Will I call him?

Madarame: OK, please.

Oono: Are you coming the first day, Ogiue?

Guys: Ugh…

The question isn’t actually what the guys weren’t hoping for her.

Ogiue: I won’t. I never want to be in such a place with filthy desire.

Oono: Oh, yeah? How could she speak like that even after participating herself as a circle?

Ogiue: That was only a duty for a member of Genshiken.

Oono: All right. It’s up to each one after all.

Ogiue: I’m coming the last day, though. The more people, the better.

Sasahara: Uh, but why don’t you come the first day, too, even not along with Oono or others? By going there, you’ll find it fun rather than staying home. And plus, you could get any good experiences as you’re thinking of the circle participation.

Oono: Oh, yeah?

Ogiue: That was just Kasukabe saying…

Oono: Yeah, yeah.

Ogiue: Stop your ugly agreeing!

Sasahara: Of course I know the regular participation and the circle participation aren’t the same.

Oono: Don’t worry, Sasahara. Even without your advice, she’ll be coming anyway just leaving her alone, for sure!

Ogiue: I won’t come!

They start arguing as always.

( to be continued )


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