All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-2


Oono doesn’t believe Ogiue’s words that she’ll never come to Comi-Fes by herself.

Oono: All right. But, hey, isn’t her favorite Sclam-Dunk [ a fictional manga ] on the first day, is it?

Sasahara: Uh, I’m not sure.

Oono: As well as Liass-Mood [ an another fiction ] that she’s been into these days.

Ogiue: W, why do you know that…

Oono: Oh, it’s been obvious, man! You have your eyes change like an wolf quickly when you see anything related to Liass.

Ogiue: T-That isn’t true!

Oono: I know your feelings. Let’s say, you especially love The Navel, don’t you?

Ogiue: Y-Your assuming!

Aside from their argument, Sasahara and Madarame talk to each other under the table.

Madarame: ( So, does Oono want Ogiue to come or not after all? )

Sasahara: ( Maybe both is true. She’s getting confused herself too. )

Oono: Oh, you won’t come the first day, though. It’s a shame…

Ogiue: I won’t!

Oono: Oh, yeah?

Ogiue: No!

Oono: Yeah, yeah.

Ogiue: I’ll never come!!


But the day of Comi-Fes, there’s Ogiue who ended up in a crowd of the event.

Ogiue: ( By changing my hair and glasses back to high school and wearing my old clothes, I should make a perfect look of otaku girl who came from the countryside. Uh, it’s not a surprise since it is actually true. )

She’s been here with disguise so that she wouldn’t be recognized by her friends.

Ogiue: ( Now, Genshiken members wouldn’t find me out even if I met them. Uh, wait a sec… ) Why do I have to do this all?! Damn, Oono!!

Her loud voice makes the people around her surprised.

( to be continued )


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