All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-3


Ogiue ended up disguising for Comi-Fest since she insisted on not coming by herself in front of Genshiken members. She isn’t very happy with her disguise, though.

Man: We have few things to get this year, right? Is the animation bubble going to burst after all?

Man: It’s been years since they first stated that. They just made it clearer who dominates the market or not, right?

Man: Yeah, but just like “Gangal Bleed” [fictional title], “easily heated but cools down just as easily”. I wonder if it’s good.

Man: Their sales, that’s it.

One of these guys’ bag happens to hit Ogiue in the head as they’re passing by her, but he leaves without an apology or didn’t even notice her.

Ogiue: ( Ow! )

Woman: You know, the maid cafe in West-Shinjuku changed to a ramen restaurant.

Woman: Really? Is it the one repeating open and close?

Woman: Yeah. It finally or at last happened.

Ogiue can’t stand their smell when they pass by her.

Ogiue: ( What a harsh perfume! )

Then, she sees a man walking down with a paper bag that has a picture of cute little girl printed on it.

Ogiue: ( What’s that paper bag? Are you sure to take a train with the bag? What a shameless guy! )

She hears another guys talking about dojinshi they just bought.

Man: It’s amazing quality!

Man: I agree!

Ogiue: ( Watch yourself! Don’t look into the book on a street! )

She’s irritated by everything around her.

Ogiue: ( It’s been overcrowded and too hot! Actually it stinks! )

She gets pushed back and forth in a crowd.

Ogiue: ( How annoying it is! Why do I have to be in a herd of otaku, after all?! I don’t understand! )


With a rather hight temperature, it’s not like the winter today.

Ogiue: ( Another thing I don’t understand is this heat! The sun is too strong! It’s been the winter now, isn’t it? Then, it should be like it’s supposed to be! I don’t understand everything! It’s all disgusting! DISGUTSING!! )

Even complaining, she doesn’t forget to stand in a line for the dojinshi she wants to buy.

Ogiue: ( Annoying! ) One copy of this new book please. ( Ultra annoying! ) One copy for this and this please. ( Hyper ANNOYING!! ) Once copy for all new books, please!!

Even with a lot of curse, she enjoys herself with hunting around dojinshi just as Oono mentioned before. She’s a type who doesn’t talk the talk and walk the walk.

( to be continued )


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