All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-4


In spite of all her grouching, Ogiue makes her way to each dojinshi seller she planned to go.

Ogiue: I’ve checked around the must-buy segment. Now, for the 2nd must-buy segment to go?

Checking her shopping list, she makes her way to another dojinshi sellers. In the meantime, a group of Maneken’s women are talking about their plan for getting dojinshi.

Woman: We’ll meet again at 2:00 in that place, OK?

Yabusaki: I see.

Woman: Never forget about Nurehen, 3 copies, all right?

Yabusaki: I know. And you don’t forget to get Teikoku-no-sandatsu [The Imperial Usurper] books as much as you can find.

Woman: ( Yabusaki is always lone, isn’t she? She’s so bold that I don’t want to follow! )

Woman: ( She might be very proud of herself. So cool! )

They’re chuckling at Yabusaki, even though they’re the same member of Manken.

Yabusaki: ( How bothering! )

Anyway, she makes her way to dojinshi sellers.

Yabusaki: The new release…

Ogiue: The new release, one copy, please.

Yabusaki: ( Is it Ogiue? )


She doesn’t understand why Ogiue is in here because Ogiue is supposed to hate otaku, especially boys’ love culture. She turns the face not to be seen by Ogiue, who doesn’t realize Yabusaki find out her disguise and just leaves for another destination.

Yabusaki: Why is Ogiue buying the Imperial books?

But she sees Ogiue at another seller again where she goes too.

Ogiue: Do you have a new release?

Yabusaki: ( Again?! Why she’s at AIUE-(related) books? )

Not surprisingly, she meets Ogiue at another seller the third time.

Ogiue: A new release, please.

Yabusaki: ( Why?! Why she’s even interested in my favorite uprising Futomomo [ the author ] that I haven’t told anyone yet! Hey! )

Woman: I’m sorry that was the last one.

Yabusaki: Ugh!!

Poor Yabusaki couldn’t get the book just in time.

In the meantime, Ogiue is at the information counter to get an application for the next Comi-Fest.

Yabusaki: ( What all happened to that girl?! )

Ogiue: Uh, a copy of the application, please.

Neither of them realize passing by each other.

Yabusaki: ( Ugh, the time’s run out! They’ll be mocking me again! )

After hunting around the dojinshi, Ogiue’s bag looks so heavy. But she’s a woman who doesn’t know to be satisfied.

Ogiue: Now, the west building to go.

( to be continued )


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