All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-6


Ogiue found it funny that Genshiken guys didn’t realize her disguise, so she decided to keep overhearing their conversation until Oono is back.

Tanaka: Have you played any nice game recently, Kosaka?

Kosaka: Well, Mai-Mai was rather good.

Sasahara: Is it the one by the same company of Menma?

Kosaka: Yeah, actually I was worried about their illustrators having left the company, but it turned out the script was pretty good in turn.

Tanaka: Uh, I’m not sure.

Sasahara: Could I borrow it when you finish?

Kosaka: OK, I’ll bring it tomorrow.

Sasahara: Hey, it was just released the day before yesterday! You’re so quick to complete!

Kosaka: I still have a lot of games to finish. I’m nearly satisfied when I reached the ending once.

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Kosaka: Green Door would work better in a sense of practical use.

Ogiue: Practical use?! ( A candid talk! )

She feels lucky to hear boys’ sexual interests.

Sasahara: But it has some gore and rape contents, doesn’t it? Those are not for me.

Tanaka: You’re rather naive, eh?

Sasaharay: Yeah, it’s my trauma came from a porn comic that a friend of mine brought to junior school.

It works up Ogiue’s hearing sensor again.

Kosaka: Was that a cruel type?

Sasahara: Yeah, and plus, a father and his daughter getting involved.

Tanaka: Ah, that’s intense!

Sasahara: I prefer erotic and funny ones, after all.

Kosaka: I myself like depressing ones too – all dead ending like Jukkai.

Sasahara: I am the Wussy Sasahara, you know.

Kosaka: I get it! You don’t like the player’s side getting evil but you’re okay when the girl’s side is evil, right?

Tanaka: Ah, like Reika of Deimeiya?

Sasahara: Oh, the chainsaw girl!

Tanaka: She’s usually bad-tempered but she’s laughing slashing down people when it’s needed.

Kosaka: A bit alike Ogiue.

Guys: Huh?

Ogiue is surprised that her name’s suddenly brought up in their talk.

Kosaka: She’s a bit Tsundere and short.

Ogiue: ( Oh, why do they talk about me?! )

( to be continued )


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