All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-7


Ogiue is confused that their topic switched to herself.

Tanaka: I wish she had come today, too.

Kosaka: Even so, I think she’s rather fit in these days than she was a newbie.

Sasahara: Yeah, she can even argue with Oono now.

Tanaka: I’m sorry about that.

Kosaka: You don’t have to apologize, Tanaka.

Tanaka: Uh, sorry.

Sasahara: It was a little annoying!

He isn’t very happy with Tanaka showing off his girlfriend in a way.

Guys: [ Laughs ]

Sasahara: Actually, Ogiue wouldn’t have been alive and kicking unless she met Oono.

Kosaka: Right.

Sasahara: And plus, we should have been stranded back in the summer Comi-Fest without Ogiue.

Hearing this, Ogiue becomes self-conscious.

Sasahara: I guess she wants to make a dojinshi.

Kosaka: Really? Why do you think so?

Sasahara: I’ve been asked those kinds of questions by her at times, so.

Tanaka: Women are more powerful nowadays.

Sasahara: As Kasukabe is, maybe too much.

Kosaka: [ Laughs ]

Tanaka: If only she gets matured one more step. Her anti-otaku attitude is a kind of –

Kosaka: A hatred in close relationship.

Sasahara: I know, but, knowing it better, I feel sorry for her.

Tanaka: The path that everybody has to go through – other than Kosaka.

Ogiue has mixed feelings towards their conversation, so she decides to leave the place.

( to be continued )


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