All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-8


Ogiue finds out that she’s been worried about her otaku-hate by Genshiken guys. Feeling a little down, she’s going to leave there when other Genshiken guys join them.

Madarame: Hey, there you are!

Ogiue: ( Oh?! )

Kuchiki: I’ve enjoyed myself, really! I’m full now!

He has two large paper bags of dojinshi with both his hands.

Kugayama: You got back earlier, eh?

Tanaka: Thinking of coming here tomorrow again, I’ve been rather relaxed.

Kuchiki: No! Tomorrow will be different than today!

Sasahara: How was the staging like?

Madarame: It was just like Sun Beam ( a fictional production of voice actors ) in both good and bad meaning – making a small group of young voice actresses and let them sing a song.

Kugayama: Their looks were pretty overall, so it’s fine.

Kosaka: Was there the girl named Yo Kato too? Only she was able to stay in the cast when it was made into the animation from the video game.

Madarame: Yeah, there was! She looked a little awkward standing the edge of the row.

Kugayama: She was all alone while other members were making eye contact.

Sasahara: Oh, no!

Madarame: And plus, the MC asked her a candid question about her remaining in the group.

Kugayama: She was tongue-tied when she answered.


Kuchiki: Come to think of her, she’s alike Ogi-chin.

Guys: Huh?

Ogiue: ( What? )

She’s surprised they brought up her out of nowhere again.

Madarame: How?

Kuchiki: She isn’t?! Oh, no…

Tanaka: You mean the cover’s side, right?

Ogiue: ( The cover? )

The cover is the role a voice actor plays in this meaning.

Tanaka: What is the character’s name? Oh, I just remembered, Mishio Takatera!

Kugayama: I don’t think she’s very alike Mishio.

Sasahara: But I can a little agree.

Kugayama: Oh?

Sasahara: Like Mishio’s struggling and hardworking mind.

Madarame: Uh, I’m not good at a dedicated character.

Sasahara: What is the dedicated character?

( to be continued )


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