All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-9


They start referring Ogiue as a character in some typical date-sim game.

Madarame: I think she’d make a good character of it. As for her parameter, beefing up the guts while reducing the stress is the way.

In the game, she has six abilities with five levels – guts, stress, intelligence, health, violence and sweetness.

Kosaka: Hm, that seems a bit tough.

Madarame: Right. It could be ruined by just one mistake, like Yuna in Wakumemo ( a fictional game’s title ).

Kuchiki: Then, the place to go out with Ogi-chin should be Toranoana?

Madarame: In fact, it must be more intellectual stores such as Taruto-shokai or Lebro because she hates otaku. And a gift for her will be like a subcultural photo book.

Guys: [Agreeing]


Kosaka: She’s waiting for the player behind the memorial tree.

Tanaka: Not realizing that he’s already known her hiding, she shows up from the tree and says “Wah!!”.

Kugayama: Then, she gets embarrassed and blushed?

Kosaka: You’d hug her behind since she’s turning her face red as a beet.

Madarame: Hugging. Sounds so sweet, like rapping her up in my chest.

Kuchiki: I’ll be immediately ready for it if she says “Please”.

As a matter of course, Ogiue in their imaginative game has to make love with the player after all.

Kosaka: She’s pretty enthusiastic even though it’s been the first time for her.

Madarame: What is this style called in BL [Boys’ love]? The seducing bottom?

Throughout their imagination, Ogiue keeps moaning over sexual pleasure.

Sasahara: Ah, I get it, although I actually don’t.

Guys: [Laughs]

Ogiue: ( Please stop that already!! ]

As she enjoyed making her own boys’ love stories based on these guys, maybe she has to pay for it this time.

( to be continued )


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