All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-10


Ogiue is very embarrassed because she’s been the butt of jokes by Genshiken guys while she’s overhearing their conversation.

Sasahara: Hey, what are you doing, Kugayama?

He’s folding his fancy otaku-ish paper bag, which Ogiue criticized the same one before.

Kugayama: You know, it’ll be embarrassing at Chuo-line or else, even though it is acceptable in here.

Madarame: Oh, Kugayama is trying to put on a regular person’s skin!

Kugayama: Knock it off!

Kuchiki: I am going all skinned off! Declaring only one skin for my life!

Kosaka: Ha-ha!

Sasahara: Oh, no.

Tanaka: You should cover up least, Kuchie.

Just then, Sasahara senses someone looking at him.

Ogiue: ( Jeez! )

She turns her face not to be found out by him but Sasahara is now apparently suspicious about her. As she decides to take off, she bumps into something very soft.

Oono: Ah!

Ogiue: ( It’s soft… )

Getting pushed back by Oono’s big breasts, Ogiue falls on the floor.

Sasahara: Oh!

Oono: Are you all right?

They both haven’t recognized her yet.

Ogiue: Uh…

Oono: What? You are… oh?

Ogiue: ( Jeez! Is the voice of Oono?! )

She can’t see very well since she’s lost her glasses when she fell.

Ogiue: ( Where are my glasses?! )

Sasahara: Here you go.

Ogiue: Oh! [putting on her glasses]

Sasahara: You’ve been here, too, Ogiue?

Now, she’s totally panicked.

Ogiue: …No, I’m not! Uh, AHHHHH!!!


Then, she realizes her embarrassing dojinshi collections are out of her bag and making beautiful rows on the floor.

Sasahara: I’ll pick them up for you.

Oono: Hm, this circle is. You have a nice taste.

Sasahara: Why didn’t you come with us all along?

Kuchiki: Hey, it’s Ogichin!

Tanaka: What? She couldn’t be!

Kugayama: Oh, but why?

Oono: You’ve got more tastes than I expected!

Madarame: What’s that?

Oono opens the book to show them, where a gay couple is enjoying themselves. In the meantime, Ogiue is getting too embarrassed to stay, and…

Ogiue: Ahhhhh!!!!

Sasahara: Oh, she got away! You can’t rush here!

Madarame: What’s the matter?

Oono: It’s a typical reaction of her. She should grow up a little.

Ogiue’s screaming echoed all over the Comic-Fest building. Becoming the new year, there’s a paper bag left in Genshiken room.

Kasukabe: What’s this? It’s been left here since the last year.

Oono: It’s Ogiue’s personal things. Her everything is in there!

Kasukabe: Speaking of her, I haven’t seen her recently. What’s up?

Oono: No idea!

Of course she knows why Ogiue hasn’t shown up recently.

( to be continued )


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