All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6-11


Some days later, Ogiue finally shows up in their club room. Apparently, she’s trying to make an excuse why she’s been at Comic-Fest.

Ogiue: Uh, to make it clear, I was thinking of the next summer Comic-Fest, uh, actually I had decided to participate it, so I went to the winter Comic-Fest to buy an application form.

Sasahara: Uh…

They all know she isn’t telling the truth.

Ogiue: But I didn’t know how to fill in the form, so I wanted to ask you right there, b-but I couldn’t. And how to fill in the form, just dropping by the winter Comic-Fest…

She just keeps on a poor excuse in front of them. Her struggling and hardworking mind to hide her otaku hobbies may seem sweet as Sasahara said.


The trailer segment.

Kasukabe: You’ve come from the countryside, Ogie, right?

Ogiue: Yes.

Kasukabe: Then what made you surprised in Tokyo?

Ogiue: Like the skyscrapers in Shinjuku.

Sasahara: The subways and the private railroads, too?

Ogiue: Yeah, I had to look up their timetables and transfer on the internet before I go anywhere.

Kasukabe: Even a time table?

Sasahara: I know what you mean! I got very nervous when I missed my train but then surprised the next train arrived very soon.

Ogiue: And…

Oono: You can buy plenty of dojinshi as much as you want at any time, anywhere, right?!


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