All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP7


“A Graduation Syndrome”

Madarame is waiting for a bus at the bus stop.

Madarame: It’s been delayed.

He gives out a sigh checking his job interview schedule against the bus timetable. The bus eventually arrives but, for some reason, he doesn’t get on and the bus leaves without him.

Madarame: [Sigh]

He seems pretty melancholy today. In the meantime, Sasahara is visiting their club room after getting a can of coffee.

Ogiue: Hello.

Kugayama: Hi.

Sasahara: Hi, long time no see, Kugayama.

Kugayama: Yeah, our graduation ceremony is next week so I dropped by to retrieve my private things, though now I feel like I could leave them here.

There are variety of video game consoles and lots of magazines in their club room, some of which are supposed to belong to Kugayama.

Sasahara: I guess that’s the way we’ll accumulate things every year.

Kugayama: Maybe yes.

Sasahara: You’ll work at a medical equipment company, right?

Kugayama: Yeah, a medical instrument, exactly. Do you want to see the catalog?

There’re many pictures and notes about medical equipments on the catalog, which are likely to used in the hospital.

Sasahara: Hm, I see what it’s like.

Kugayama: It’s a pretty small company, though. I’ve actually attended to their job training and I got the feeling I’d have to work in sales.

Sasahara: Oh, you’re in a pinch, Kugayama!

Kugayama never seem to be good at sales job. Then, other members come in.


Tanaka: Hello!

Sasahara: Hi!

Kugayama: Yo.

Ogiue: Hello.

She notices him carrying a magazine of apartments.

Sasahara: You wouldn’t quit your job very quick, would you?

Kugayama: What do you mean?

Sasahara: There are many people who can’t stand long with their job nowadays.

Tanaka: Are you talking about after the spring?

Kugayama: Hm, my company has a pretty nice location in Itabashi, so I don’t want to quit.

Sasahara: The place is the reason?

Kugayama: You are at Ueno, Tanaka?

Tanaka: You mean my school? That’s right.

Kugayama: It’s pretty close to Akiba.

Tanaka: I’m rather into Nippori myself.

Sasahara: I know there’re many fabric and accessories wholesale stores.

Tanaka: Yup.

But they haven’t realized that Oono doesn’t look very happy today.

( to be continued )


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