All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP7-1


They’re talking about their life after graduation and Oono doesn’t look happy.

Sasahara: That is…

He finds an apartment magazine on the table, which implies Tanaka is thinking of moving out.

Tanaka: You know, I could commute from my present apartment, though…

Oono: It takes pretty long, right?

Apparently, she’s not very happy about his moving.

Kugayama: Y-You’re moving out, aren’t you?

Oono: I’m not worried since it won’t be very far, after all. So, it’s fine.

Tanaka: You know, we’ve talked about this already, right?

Feeling like they’re about to start quarreling, Sasahara and Kugayama immediately drop out of this conversation.

Oono: I told you I’m all right.

Tanaka: Oh, don’t be like that! Please listen to me.

Oono: I’m sorry.

Tanaka: You don’t need to apologize.

Just then, Kasukabe shows up.

Kasukabe: Hi, there. Oh, there isn’t Kosaka?

She feels something weird with the room because everybody’s not looking at each other.

Oono: Hi, Saki! I have a small favor to ask you.

Kasukabe: What?

Oono: You know, Tanaka is going to graduate next week and there has been a large stock of costumes for you, Saki. So, I was thinking of a photography event to commemorate the graduation.

Oono: What? But I’m not graduating myself.

Considering the guys’ heavy mood against Oono’s happy face, she guesses there’s some trouble going on.

Kasukabe: Do you mean it?

Oono: Yeah, what do you say?

Kasukabe: Uh, for the celebration… Oh, the next year! Why don’t we do that when we’re graduating next year? Then, I’ll be pulling out all the stops for it! So, this year…

Oono: The year after next.

Kasukabe: Huh?

Oono: I need more credits as I’ve transferred my colleges, so my graduation will be the year after next.

The other member knew the reason why she’s been nervous about their graduation.

Oono: You’re all graduating ahead of me!

She even starts crying in the chest of Kasukabe. The guys are also surprised to see her in such a shock.

Kasukabe: Oh, dear. It’s way too long before the next year. You’d have to be more tough for now, eh? I’m doing cos-playing with you when my graduation.

Oono: Please come back to Comic-Fest even after your graduation.

Kasukabe: Um, first of all, I haven’t been there ever…

Even in crying, Oono doesn’t forget to talk Kasukabe into otaku culture.

( to be continued )


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