All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP7-2


On the graduation ceremony day, Madarame is attending to it with one deep emotion not associating with his whole campus life but a newly released DVD of Kuji-Un. They coincidentally have the same theme today – a graduation.

In the Kuji-Un animation, Ritsuko, the president of the present student council, is passing over her distinctive hat to the next president at her graduation. Leaving behind the other member’s applause, she gets on a rear seat of a bike and hurries to a church getting through a traffic jam, where the vice president of a school council, Kasumi, her best friend, is just doing her wedding ceremony. Ritsuko just made it in time to see the bride and groom appearing out of the church.

Kasumi: …President?

She didn’t expect her to show up here.

Ritsuko: Vice-prez!

They both hug each other and everybody there congratulates them.

Ritsuko: Congratulation!

Kasumi is so moved to tears and the nice groom gives her his handkerchief and holds her hand tight. [ fading out ]

Back to the real world, the principal of Siio University is just giving his speech.

Principal: … With wishing you good luck in the future, I’ll finish my addressing. Congratulations on your graduation.

Madarame is making his face serious but actually thinking of an anime even at the very end.


In the meantime, Kasukabe is coming to the campus with Kosaka, where she runs into a woman named Kitagawa, who’s also just graduating today. They had argued several times over Genshiken’s issues before.

Kasukabe: Hi, are you graduating too? We would have calmer days now, eh?

Kitagawa: Yeah, right. I’ve already taught my young men and women!

They look back on the day that Kasukabe went against Kitagawa. [ Flashback starts ]

Kasukabe: You can’t break up our club without informing in advance.

Kitagawa: You shut up, Otaku!

Kasukabe: I’m not Otaku!

Then she happens to see Kitagawa putting a medication on her athlete’s foot, which is supposed to be embarrassing for women, and Kasukabe took advantage of it.

Kasukabe: Oh, yeah? I saw you in the students council room through the door…

This was actually an idea that the former president of Genshiken gave Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: It gets itchy especially in the summer, right?

With her effort and threatening Kitagawa, Genshiken was able to survive. [ Flashback ends ]

( to be continued )


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