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Genshiken2 EP7-4


Other Genshiken members are also gathering in the different place of the ceremony.

Sasahara: I didn’t expect it’d have a chance for the animation even three times!

Tanaka: I’d rather want it to be aired for three months long. Maybe there are some demand.

Sasahara: Releasing in OVA nowadays is supposed to be telling where the animation Kuji-Un has its own position.

Tanaka: I’m simply happy they’ve released it. And, the setting is all about the final episode of its first series, too.

Kugayama: I’m surprised Kotaro Koike took on this job.

Tanaka: Yeah, he had nothing to do with any moe-animation so far. But I heard he liked the first series pretty much.

Kugayama: Really?

Tanaka: Yup. He also has some contact with the director Mizudori via production studios.

While the guys are chatting as usual, Oono seems a little sad since today will be the final day of the present Genshiken member. Remembering her crying over their graduation, Ogiue is a little worried about her. And Oono also notice Ogiue and smiles back at her to show she’s all right.

Sasahara: We witnessed experts work!

Tanaka: Even following by the original story, it was even more fun and moving than it. Having all the characters up, the story head for the drama between the prez and the vice prez at the end.

Sasahara: It really got us, right?

Kugayama: I think they did a good job on the first series, too. In the first place, there was a time handicap for them to have to make a different ending than the original serial comics.

Sasahara: And a typhoon going off the air.

Tanaka: The both directors of the 1st and the 2nd season got away.

Kugayama: The producer’s blog burned up, too.

Sasahara: A lot of water under the bridge.

Kugayama: I think it was a work with a good luck anyway.

Tanaka: [Borrowing a famous line from the Space Ship Yamato] Now I miss everything, right?

The senior members look back on their campus life overlapping with Kuji-Un.


Sasahara: For me, it (Kuji-Un) once ended when the president went abroad for her studying.

Kasukabe: What ended, huh?

He didn’t realized she and Kosaka joined them.

Sasahara: Uh, Kuji-Un…

Kasukabe: You have an otaku talk even such a day?

Of course he knows she won’t get it.

Sasahara: The concluding episode was released in OVA…

Kasukabe: Whatever!

By the way, Kuchiki has been there, too, but he’s just acting strange around them as he always is.

( to be continued )


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