All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP7-5


With all the member of Genshiken here, well, it isn’t “all” actually, they are going to take their group picture anyway.

Oono: Let’s take a photo!

Kosaka: You, too, Saki.

Kasukabe: Ugh, I don’t want to.

Sasahara: Don’t behave like a kid…

Ogiue: I’ll do it for you.

She holds up a camera and tries to focus them through the finder.

Oono: Ah.

Kasukabe: Hey, where’s Madarame?

Ogiue: Please stay still!

Sasahara: He said he was on the way.

Kasukabe: Did he find a job after all?

Sasahara: Uh, I’m not sure. He kept being vague whenever I asked him that question.

Ogiue: Please don’t move, Sasahara…

Kasukabe: Maybe he’ll be staying around here becoming a jobless man, huh?

Oono: Hey, Saki!

Sasahara: That’s pretty possible!

Ogiue: Stay still, everybody!! Got it?!

They finally listen to her since she looks pretty upset.

All: Sure!

Ogiue: Then, I’m shooting!


Just as she trips the shutter, Madarame rushes in and he barely gets inside the frame.

Madarame: Sorry to be late.

Kasukabe: You’ve finally come. So, did you get any job offer?

Madarame: Uh-ah…

Kasukabe: Hey, tell me.

Oono: Another photo please, Ogiue? Hey, Ogiue?

She’s wondering if Madarame is really inside of the picture or not looking into the camera’s preview screen.

Sasahara: Maybe he didn’t get any yet?

Kosaka: No idea.

Sasahara: I’m pretty uncomfortable…

Kuchiki: Ogichin?

Despite their request for their photo, for some reason Ogiue wouldn’t take any more. So, this one ended up their memorial picture which the blurred Madarame barely joined in the edge of the picture.

Sasahara: So, we have some time before the sending-out party. What will you do until then?

Tanaka: Hm, I want to change.

Sasahara: OK, let’s get together at the club room later.

Madarame: Uh, what about my picture?

Guys: [Laughs]

( to be continued )


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