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Genshiken2 EP7-8


In the evening, Genshiken has started their farewell party at a dining bar.

Guys: Cheers!

Sasahara: Congrats!

Madarame: Yeah, thanks.

Oono: 1 beer, please!

Her glass is already empty even before other guys have a sip.

Guys: So quick!

Sasahara: You know, here’s a meeting for summarizing lots of events happened in Genshiken. Looking back on them, please give us one of your most memorable ones?

Madarame: Hm, [drinking beer], it’s Kasukabe’s cos-playing, after all!

Kasukabe: That was the worst memory of mine, not of yours!

Kosaka: It wasn’t the worst. You caught a peeping tom as well. Very cool.

Kuchiki: Oh, a peeping tom? Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Kasukabe throws her beer glass at his face.

Sasahara: It was a heroic episode of her.

Kosaka: Impersonating Ritsuko Kubel Kettenkrad.

Kasukabe: Don’t say anymore please! It’s my stigma I want to delete seriously!

Oono: One beer please!

Madarame: There, there. You still have one year left, Kasukabe. You’ll have good memories, maybe.

Kasukabe: I don’t want any comfort!

Madarame: Oh, I see…


Tanaka shows something he made recently.

Tanaka: Hey, watch this!

Guys: Wow!

Madarame: It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Kasukabe: ( Even in such a place… )

The thing he brought in is a small statue of a girl.

Tanaka: It’s not completed yet. Rough details.

Sasahara: But it doesn’t look like your first work!

Oono: What are you showing off, man? It’s a sexual harassment, isn’t it? He made it referring to my underwear!

Guys: What?!

Ogiue: The less said the better.

Kasukabe: Do you have such a small sized lingerie, Oono?

Oono: Of course not! I mean the detail of it. One more beer, please!

Madarame: Seriously?

Tanaka: Uh, just for a reference.

Guy are pretty embarrassed to know the fact.

Kasukabe: Hey, let me see it!

Tanaka: Uh…

Sasahara: Kasukabe isn’t very reliable.

Once she broke Tanaka’s precious model kit by accident.

Kasukabe[flashback]: Moving the leg from the root, right?

Tanaka[flashback]: Yeah… Ugh!

She ended up snapping the part of the leg.

Kasukabe: That was just an accident, rather, I didn’t understand well. I won’t break this time for sure!

Oono: Yes, you do break it by pretending an accident, Saki!

Tanaka: Oh, man…

He finally lends her the statue. Madarame is pretty nervous.

Kasukabe: It looks a little scary in gray. Don’t you paint it?

Madarame: Wow!

Sasahara: A bit risque?!

They’re talking about Kasukabe’s lap sticking out of her mini skirt.

Sasahara: Speaking of it, Ogiue is also… today…

She doesn’t put on skirts usually.

Tanaka: Sorry, but can I get it back already?

Kasukabe: Here you go.

Tanaka: Oh, I’m sweated.

Kugayama: Didn’t you make it in parts?

Tanaka: I wanted but I couldn’t figure out the way… ah!

He drops the statue by accident and it falls apart miserably on the table. He’s too shocked to say anything.

Kasukabe: It wasn’t my fault, right?

Oono: Heaven punished him!

Tanaka: It’d be even better if Kasukabe had broken this…

( to be continued )


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