All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP7-10


After Genshiken’s senior members having gone, it’s become a new season. Kasukabe comes to their club room as usual.

Kasukabe: Hello…

As she opens the door, she finds a guy in there.

Madarame: Hi!

He’s even having lunch in business suit. It’s just the same sight before he left the university.

Kasukabe: …Huh?

Madarame: Uh, is something strange? Maybe my suit?

Kasukabe: …I got pretty tired suddenly.

Madarame: W-What?!

Kasukabe: “Sigh”

Will the day really come when he graduates from Genshiken?


The trailer segment.

Madarame: What’s the eroticism for Otaku?

Kugayama: Pictures, after all?

Madarame: But we unexpectedly get excited by poor pictures at times, don’t we? Say, “Wait, this poor drawing is rather tempting!”

Tanaka: Then, maybe the situation or setting? Like a school swimsuit or a sadistic character with big boobs?

Madarame: Maybe your particular fetish to ribs or collarbone.

Sasahara: Just like female Otaku tend to pair up boys, male Otaku can get aroused by anything, right?

Madarame: Oh, you rapped it up!


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