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Genshiken2 EP8



It’s been a new season when the campus is flowed by a lot of freshmen. Every circle tries to get a new member to them and so does Genshiken.

One day, Ogiue finds a letter in her mailbox and gets so excited.

Ogiue: Oh, my! It might be…

She opens the envelope with trembling hands and, as she hoped, it is a successful notification from Comic-Festival.

Ogiue: I got passed it…

Then she goes to their club room, where Oono’s costumes have been scattered here and there.

Oono: Do you want to say anything?

Ogiue: No, I don’t.

Oono: You know, we have a lot of cos-play events recently. We’ll have a welcome party for freshmen as well, so I’m making sure which costumes for which events. I’ll put them away if bothering?

Ogiue: No, I don’t mind. I’m doing nothing.

These costumes reminds Ogiue of her horrible experience when Kasukabe once forced her to wear a costume.


[Start flashback]
Kasukabe: No, no, you don’t have to put it on! I’m just trying it on you.

Since she was a skilled clerk of a fashion store, she thought she could talk Ogiue into wearing the costume.

Kasukabe: You have such large eyes, so you should look great in these kind of pretty dress, like this, and this! Oh, so cute!

While Ogiue being confused, Kasukabe puts one dress over her after another.

Kasukabe: Why don’t you just let your hair down? No need to wear! Only your hair! Would you like to wear if I do, too? There’d be no photo, I promise! Just trying it on. Now, just take off your clothes a little?

Ogiue: But I’m not sure how far I have to take off…

Kasukabe: Then I’ll help you do that!!

Ogiue: N-No! I do myself!!

She ended up cos-playing by Kasukabe’s wicked trick that day. [End flashback]

( to be continued )


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