All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP8-1


Ogiue was reminded of her bad experience when she saw Oono’s costumes in the room.

Ogiue: Based on my own experience once wearing, no, being forced to wear a costume, I want to ask you a question.

Oono: Hm? That was Saki just making you break through.

Ogiue: That was okay, no, wasn’t okay actually. Don’t you feel embarrassed wearing those things?

Oono: Of course, yes. I have to go public, right? Therefore, I think cos-playing can be a way of self-expressing. You’ll never know, Ogiue.

She wonders why Ogiue doesn’t talk back to her as usual.

Ogiue: Well, you know, I got a winning notice from Comic-Fes yesterday.

Oono: Oh, that’s great.

Ogiue: Thanks. So, I’ve got to make a book next, right?

Oono: Yeah.

Ogiue: I have to write a comic book, right?

Oono: Yeah?

Ogiue: I’m so happy I got passed at my first application and of course I am making my book too. There’s no doubt about it, though…

She seems pretty embarrassed for some reason.

Ogiue: Forget about it, please.

Oono: Oh, no! I guess you wanted to say you’re too embarrassed to write Yaoi (gay porn) comic after this long?

Ogiue: I know it’s been too late, but…

Oono: You don’t want to reveal your Fujoshi (gay porn lovers) character, even though you’re always expressing yourself as anti-Otaku.

Ogiue doesn’t answer but her face telling yes.

Oono: Ah, that’s pretty easy to solve – practicing a lot of cos-playing and getting used to shame!

Ogiue: Are you a cos-playing nut? This is why I didn’t want to tell you, Oono!

Oono: What? You asked me first if I was embarrassed or not? I’m doing the “embarrassing” thing, openly, Cos-Playing! But you haven’t ever written a Yaoi comic, have you? I think it’s a big difference!

Ogiue: …I didn’t say no…

( to be continued )


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