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Genshiken2 EP8-4


The day has come. Genshiken sets up their table outside for recruiting new member for their circle and Oono has also changed into a costume for it.

Oono: OK! Please make sure to write about cos-playing on the flyer.

Ogiue: Then, it’d be rather quicker if you use Yoko’s pictures on it, right?

Oono: No kidding! Yoko is my Cos-player’s name! Today I’m Kanako Oono, the president of Genshiken!

Ogiue: ( She didn’t get me… )

Thanks to her wonderful cos-playing and beautiful costumes on their clothing racks, Genshiken is succeeded in getting a lot of attention to their counter.

Kuchiki: Hm, this is really nice!

He touches one of her costumes.

Oono: Oh, please don’t touch!

He’s so upset he even starts sniffing the dress. Oono gives a scream at it.

Woman: Wow, it’s cos-playing!

Oono: Hi, feel free to look at it!

Woman: It’s great! Are they all handmade?

Oono: Yes, one of our OBs’ make. He’s very good at this. You could order him to make one for you if you want!

Woman: Really? That’s great! I feel like to order one, too.

Sasahara: ( It seems it’s really going to be Cos-Ken circle. Well, it’s all right. )


One of the women takes a costume in her hand from the rack.

Woman: Oh, this is the Magical Patissier Sweet Chocolate! I loved it!

Kuchiki: Do you like it?

She’s so surprised by his face suddenly showed up.

Woman: Y-Yeah…

Kuchiki: Oh, yeah? Hm, I don’t like it myself. Something else?

Woman: Well, Shungoku-Musou

Kuchiki: Yes!! Your best answer! You’re my comrade!

Oono and the woman’s friend notices Kuchiki scaring her.

Woman: Uh, thank you very much, We’ve got to go…

Woman: T-Thanks…

Oono: Oh, you’ve done it?

Woman: Y-Yeah, good bye…

Sasahara: “Sigh”

Oono becomes so upset with Kuchiki.

Oono: Hey, Kuchiki! Get back to the club room! This is a command as the president.

He’s sweating like a pig.

Oono: I can never allow your misbehaving like frightening or getting people scared off at this welcoming occasion!

Kuchiki: Uh, but you know, it’s a case-by-case matter, yes, case-by-case, all right? Flattering or telling a lie is, like, true or doubt, yeah, like style and morals?

Oono: Go at once!!

Being scolded by her, he rushes for the club room in the end.

( to be continued )


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