All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP8-5


For his inappropriate behavior, Kuchiki was forced out by Oono.

Kuchiki: Hm, was I really so odd? I thought I was just being friendly to them.

He eventually arrives their club room, where Ogiue is working on the flyer by herself.

Kuchiki: Oh, are you alone in here, Ogi-chin?

Ogiue: “Tut!!”

She obviously shows her disgust toward him.

Kuchiki: ( A tut?! )

Putting down a pen, she just walks out of the room without any greeting.

Kuchiki: ( She tutted, oh, yeah? Well, actually I supposed she didn’t like me but never figured that she hated me so badly. Hm, it’s the new discovery, rather yet, recognition in a way? )

Just then, Kasukabe comes in.

Kasukabe: What’s the matter? I was just told not to go now since there’d be Kuchiki only.

He starts to cry.

Kuchiki: Oh, yes, please listen to me! It was so humiliating Kuchie is sad!

Kasukabe: No, I’d rather not want to.

Kuchiki: Ugh!!


In the meantime, Ogiue got to Genshiken’s table.

Sasahara: Oh, didn’t Kuchiki come over there?

Ogiue: Yes, he did and I escaped. I never want to be alone with that guy!

Sasahara: Uh…

Oono: Have you finished the flyer?

Ogiue: I couldn’t make it in time because of Kuchiki.

Oono: All right. That makes sense.

Ogiue: Sorry. Shall I help you give away those paper?

Oono: Yes, please.

Sasahara: About Kuchiki, I wonder if both of you wouldn’t hate him so badly?

Both: No way!!

They agreed to each other unusually.

( to be continued )


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