All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP8-6


While Sasahara finds out that Kuchiki is really hated by Oono and Ogiue, Kasukabe is telling Kuchiki the reason in their club room.

Kasukabe: It’s no wonder because you’re strange, Kuchie.

Kuchiki: Uh, do you think so?

Kasukabe: You know you did hit Ogiue.

He once stroke Ogiue’s head as he got upset with her calling him crazy when she just joined Genshiken.

Kasukabe: And your peeping shot.

He sneakily shot Ogiue with his phone when she secretly visited the Scrum Dank event where he just happened to be there too. By the way, the event was the kind meant for the otaku women so Ogiue didn’t anyone to know about it.

Kuchiki(in flashback): This is Ogi-chin entering the Scrum Dank only event!

Kasukabe(in flashback): Give him a bust!!

She gave him a hard slap on the cheek herself, after all.

Kasukabe: Why do you do such stupid things?

Kuchiki: I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself.

Kasukabe: You’d become a quite dangerous comedian like breaking the codes and loosing your mind.


Back to Genshiken’s table outside, Sasahara is trying to convince Oono and Ogiue.

Sasahara: I know he’s a kind of difficult man to deal with but it is particularly like us having such a type too, isn’t it?

Oono: Uh, that’s maybe true. I can’t say much of the others myself.

She looks at Ogiue for agreeing with her, although Ogiue doesn’t look as convinced as Oono.

Sasahara: And, some mediocre man like me. So, please deal with him as normal as you can.

Oono: As normal… Well, if you say so, Sasahara.

Ogiue: “Nods”

Sasahara: Like “Getting united for the imaginary enemies”?

( to be continued )


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