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Genshiken2 EP8-7


Sasahara convinced Oono and Ogiue to be a little nicer to Kuchiki even though he was a nut. In the meantime, Kuchiki is on the way back to Genshiken’s table too. He’s thinking of what Kasukabe told him to do.

Kasukabe: Well, go back again and behave normally.

But he doesn’t feel like he could make it.

Kuchiki: ( I think I should return, after all. )

Sasahara finds him just as he turns around to the club room.

Sasahara: Hi, Kuchiki. I was just going to call on you.

But Kuchiki is still trying to leave.

Sasahara: Hey, don’t go away.

He managed to rejoin Kuchiki with Oono and Ogiue, yet these women don’t look very happy.

Oono: Then, do anything well…

Kuchiki: Yes…

Oono: Please.

He starts looking for any work he can do and finds a minor issue with Oono’s costume rack.

Kuchiki: Oh, these hangers aren’t in place!

He just tries to correct the position of those hangers, though…

Oono: Ah, you don’t touch them!!

She even yells at him.

Kuchiki: Shall I help you give away the paper?

Ogiue: No one would take from you, Kuchiki.

She doesn’t even look at him.

Sasahara: There, there, take a seat. Here’s a comic book for you.

Kuchiki: Am I an elementary student?

Sasahara: I’m just leaving for the bathroom. Please watch out for our HQ during that.

Kuchiki: All right…

While Oono and Ogiue are working, Kuchiki is totally twiddling his thumbs.

Oono: Yes, I know! Her ceremonial version is great!

Ogiue: Here you go.


He’s too boring he starts to read a magazine in the end, when he hears a suspicious noise from the rack, where a strange man is standing nearby.

Kuchiki: ( A man?! Suspicious, he’s so suspicious!! My sensor’s got it! )

Oono is still talking to some women.

Oono: I think I can introduce him to you soon since he’s studying at a community college now after his graduation.

Ogiue: Here you go.

Kuchiki: ( Oh, no! They both haven’t realized him yet! Could it be peeping cam or lifting? Quite possible, either! Oono’s wearing a mini skirt and there are a plenty of costumes too! W-What should I do?! Maybe I should stand near him for the deterrent in the meantime, or should I wait until Sasahara’s back? )

( to be continued )


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