All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP8-9


A few days later, a meeting between Genshiken ladies was held.

Oono: I heard he wasn’t a student of this university.

Kasukabe: You mean that costume thief?

Oono: I’m so scared.

Ogiue: What a dangerous world.

Kasukabe: Well, it turned out the volume of Kuchie’s great job, right?

Oono: Of course I appreciate him and I’m very sorry about my false accusation of him, though…

Kasukabe: You got none of the most important new member, right?

Oono looks pretty sad.

Kasukabe: Oh, maybe are you in shock, president?

Oono: No, I’m not…

In fact, she feels so down.


Trailer segment.

Kasukabe: What does it mean “She is my wife!”?

Tanaka: W-What?!

Kasukabe: The guys who say “moe” are using their favorite characters in comics or in video games for their sexual purpose, right?

Tanaka: I-I’m not sure…

Kasukabe: But, you know, is it all right that the other otaku are also sharing the same fantasy as you do the same way. You don’t mind that?

Tanaka: Um…

Kasukabe: Maybe polyandry is for the otaku, the opposite of polygamy?

Tanaka: P-Please forgive me already…


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