All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9


“Job hunting’s always rainy”

The season of welcoming freshmen was gone and it turned early summer, Sasahara has been working busy looking for a job since he’s a senior. Today, he’s been to a publishing company to take an exam for a job.

Examiner: Write a short essay in 90 minutes. You can leave earlier when you finish.

The subject says “Write an essay using these 3 words; Akihabara, young adults and pensions in 800 words”

And another day, he goes to a small company for a job interview.

Interviewer: Do you think our company’s a back up for you?

Sasahara: N-No, I am serious.

Interviewer: Hm, but if you find you’re going to be a rep in our company, wouldn’t you practically refuse our job offer, would you?

Sasahara: Uh, no, I think the sales rep is also, no, the sales rep is a fulfilling job. I’d be eager to do if I have a chance…

After the interview, he’s on the subway platform looking back on the typical conversation at job interview. He can’t help damn himself.

Sasahar: ( …Fishy!! )

( to be continued )


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