All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-1


And today, he visits Media Factory, a real publisher in Japan, for a job interview. There’re 4 students getting interviewed at a time.

Student: I’ve been paying much attention to the human communication through my four-year experiences at volunteer activities. To make the most of my experience, I thought publishing business, especially at an editorial job is the ideal work for me. This is the reason why I applied for a job at this company!

He’s so nervous he stumbles at the end, which sounds a little funny to the interviewers, as well as to Sasahara.

Interviewer: Then you laughing, let me know why did you apply for us?

The student being laughed at gives Sasahara a harsh look.

Sasahara: Well, to be honest, I-I haven’t been a hardworking student. Looking back on my campus years, it could be described as a typical hippie life. But, just one time…

He flashes back a positive memory; the summer when Genshiken worked hard to make their dojinshi together.

Sasahara: Sorry, I had to do something just one time…

But, he comes up with other negative memories too; shopping around for dojinshi in Akiba, as well as going to Comic-Fest, and some friends of him enjoying cos-playing themselves. These are definitely NG topics for the regular job interviews, although I don’t know how it works nowadays.

Sasahara: …So, I made up my mind to be serious about job hunting…

Interviewers giggle at him.

Interviewer: Do you have any friends or a girlfriend?

Sasahara: Uh…

He’s a little surprised by the question and he’s got a image of Ogiue for some reason.

Sasahara: Yes, I do…

Interviewer: All right? Then, what do you think your merit is from their perspective?

Sasahara: My merit is…

After the interview, he feels down again on the overhead bridge. Then, he got a call from Media Factory to his cellphone.

Sasahara: Hello, it’s Kanji Sasahara. Yes, thank you for the interview. [A silence] Yes, I see. Thank you anyway. Good bye.

He wasn’t offered a job in the end. He’s so depressed he doesn’t even notice Kasukabe happen to pass by him and Kasukabe herself doesn’t realize him, either. Just then, she catches a call.

Kasukabe: Hello. How are you? Yeah, I’m on my way right now.

She looks pretty happy opposite to Sasahara.

( to be continued )


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