All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-3


Kasukabe looked happier than Sasahara about their job hunting activities, however she had her own problem as well. She’s been too busy to meet Kosaka and even had a terrible dream of him while nodding in the train.

Kasukabe: You know, I haven’t met him long since I was told he was applying for a game maker.

Today she’s been to Genshiken room.

Sasahara: Really?

Madarame: Which company?

Kasukabe: I don’t remember, although I was told. To be honest, I couldn’t get any of them he gave.

Sasahara: Where’s it? In Tokyo?

Madarame: Game makers are often in the off regions like in Kansai or in Kyusyu.

Kasukabe: Oh, no! I believe it’s Tokyo.

Madarame: Then, they may be Oval or Vep if some major companies.

Kasukabe: I’m just glad he decided to have a job, though…

Madarame: Could he get a job just because he’s good at video games?

Sasahara: I know he wouldn’t apply just because of that reason.

Kasukabe: And, the publishing companies are for you, Sasayan, right? How’s it going?

Sasahara: Very hard. None of them I’ve passed so far even though I’ve been doing at it since last year.

Kasukabe: Ah, I see.

Madarame: And you’re opening your own fashion store, right? How’s it going?

Kasukabe: Yeah, I realized recently that fund-raising is finding people, after all.

Sasahara: You sound like a entrepreneur!

Madarame: No wonder, she’s the kind who plans to have her own shop instead of getting a job offer.

Kasukabe: Anyway, no one could get away from their own problem at any job “sigh.”

Madarame: Oh, are you tired?

Kasukabe: Yeah, right.

Just then someone comes in the room.

( to be continued )


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