All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-4


Ogiue comes in the room but she looks pretty upset.

Kasukabe: Oh, long time no see, Ogie!

Ogiue: Hello, it’s nice to see you.

She walks straight up to Oono.

Ogiue: Don’t mix in such a thing!

She takes out one dojinshi, on which an old bold man with long mustache appears. ( Note: Oono loves bold men with mustache. )

Oono: Aha, you didn’t care for this?

Ogiue: It’s pretty otaku-ish slipping your recommendation in! How could I get any reference from this!

It seems Oono lent some of her collection to Ogiue.

Oono: There, there. It was just a trial set.

Ogiue: No thanks!

She pushes back the book to Oono.

Oono: Don’t be so stubborn.

And she pushes back again.

Ogiue: It’s completely different than the original version! Too creepy!

Oono: Then, you’ve read it at least once, haven’t you?

Ogiue: Ugh, no! I’ll give it back to you anyway!

Oono: Oh, come on! First, feel it with your heart; an excellent image of the old man and his eyes fulfilled with a lot of energy that comes from the author’s long career!

Ogiue: Please stop!!

Kasukabe: They seem to be closer than before, eh?

Madarame: I’m not sure.

Then, Kasukabe realizes Sasahara is a little embarrassed in front of Ogiue.

Kasukabe: Hm, hey, is that a material for Comic-Fest?

Ogiue: Well, not actually.

Kasukabe: Then, are you going to write a gay comic book after all?

Ogiue: Oh, that’s right! Why not!?

She doesn’t feel ashamed of it anymore.

Kasukabe: Speaking of it, I remember Sasahara said he’d help you as a salesclerk at Comic-Fest but aren’t you busy job-hunting for now?

Sasahara: Uh, I suppose so.

Ogiue: Right. Please don’t push yourself when you’re busy, Sasahara.

Sasahara: Uh, thanks…

Ogiue: Well, it’d be much easier to run if we have the three of us, though.

Sasahara: That’s right…

Oono: Yeah.

It seems Ogiue isn’t very happy about Sasahara not going to join her event.

Kasukabe: ( It may be… )

( to be continued )


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