All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-5


Kasukabe takes Oono outside so they can talk about Sasahara and Ogiue.

Oono: What? Sasahara and Ogiue?

Kasukabe: Yeah, don’t you feel something with them?

Oono: I don’t know. Sasahara is a gentleman and is nice to everyone. Nothing’s more or less than that, though.

Kasukabe: Oh, you’re unexpectedly harsh.

Oono: Rather yet, Ogiue does…

Kasukabe: Hm?

Oono: Well… ( She adores Sasa-Mada, after all. )

Kasukabe: ( Did Ogiue stop having it both ways and concentrate in Sasahara? )

They both have their own guesses each way by the picture Ogiue once showed them, in which Sasahara and Madarame were drawn.

Kasukabe: Even so, I don’t have time to care about the others.

Oono: Did anything happen to you and Kosaka?

Kasukabe: Well, not really. I just meant I was busy.

Oono: All right.

Kasukabe: ( Wait, she might be right. ) So, does Tanaka play adult games?

Oono: What did you bring up all in a sudden?

Kasukabe: He doesn’t? Maybe you’re telling him not to do?

Oono: No, I don’t! Rather yet, we’d be together… Well, he’s playing as normal as the others, I guess. What’s all about this?!

Kasukabe: Uh…

She hesitates to tell Oono about the terrible dream she had in the train, in which her boyfriend was playing an adult game.

Kasukabe: A-Anyway, it won’t help me, right? Cos-playing events you and Tanaka go together every week is the date for you two, right?

Oono: Uh, yes.

Kasukabe: You look so happy, eh?

Oono: Oh, give me a break!

Just then, a man suddenly shows up getting in their conversation.

Kuchiki: Hello! Luri-Luri-Lu!

The girls are so surprised at his face.

Kasukabe: You’re rather psyched than usual.

Kuchiki: Yeah, I recommend a summer camp!

( to be continued )


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