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Genshiken2 EP9-6


Kuchiki shows up while Kasukabe is talking to Oono and he suggests Genshiken go for a summer camp. They got back to their club room to discuss his proposal.

Madarame: Then, what is the source?

Kuchiki: Source? Copycat? Tribute?

He pretends ignorance.

Madarame: I’m just surprised you knew a word “camp”.

Kuchiki: Why not?

Sasahara: Maybe it’s from Mote-Kano yesterday? ( a fictional anime TV show )

Kuchiki can’t hide his surprise on his face.

Kasukabe: What’s that? Is it any cartoon again?

Madarame: I get it. That’s it.

Sasahara: The episode of a date in highlands, which was so popular as the original comic, too.

Kuchiki keeps upsetting since their guesses are right.

Madarame: The plot is this the main character meets a girl by chance, who he’s been in love, at a hotel, where he visited to recover from his heartbreak.

Kasukabe: What?! Is he suggesting us camping by watching a cartoon? How stupid!

Kuchiki: [Sigh] Yes, I am a fool…

Kasukabe: Knock if off!

Madarame: First of all, what do you do by playing Mote-Kano with this member?

Kuchiki: It’s a pilgrimage! Say, Ishiwatari hot spring, Kazura bridge, and the viewing platform at evening!

Kasukabe: So annoying! Why don’t you go alone? It’s so lame walking around in a bunch!

Kuchiki: Group activity’s fine! I’d like to go with all of us!

Kasukabe: But we’re all busy like job hunting and graduation theses. The member who possibly could join is Oono, Ogiue, and…

Oono apparently shows her dislike on her face.

Ogiue: No, I’ve got my hands with my comic book.

Kasukabe: And you, man.

Ogiue: This sucks!

Oono: [Nodding]

Kuchiki: I’m so shocked!!

Kasukabe: If you insist, why don’t you invite them after their things settle down? I won’t go myself anyway.

Kuchiki: No, the summer will be over by then!

Kasukabe: You must be so bored.

Sasahara: After things settle down. Then, the one who hasn’t get a job shouldn’t go.

Kasukabe: Why not? You could join if you want. Taking a little break won’t harm very much? ( In that sense, Kosaka is in the most dangerous position now! )

( to be continued )


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