All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-7


Kuchiki suggests Genshiken go to a summer camp but some of them can’t join being busy right now.

Oono: I hope you find a job soon!

Sasahara: Yeah, thanks.

Kuchiki: Oh, it’s not cool at all! You may be fine since you’ve been to the camp before, but I want a little experience of summer affair, too!

Sasahara: I’d be free to join the camp or Comic-Fest after I get a job offer.

Ogiue: You don’t have to push yourself that much.

Kuchiki: Huh?

Sasahara: But I said yes.

Ogiue: Please forget about the promise.

Sasahara: I can’t simply do that…

Kuchiki senses something from their atmosphere.

Kuchiki: Sasa-Ogi! Oh, sorry, I’d be told off again! I just thought this time it could be possible for Sasa-Ogi since I had hit Oo-Tana once before! ( The relation of Oono and Tanaka ) Yeah, it’s my delusion, in-club coupling, Sasa-Ogi, hmm, sounds pretty fair. What do you think, Ogichin?

Ogiue: Who and who do you mean?

Kuchiki: Well, Sasa-Ogi, wait, Ogi-Sasa?

Ogiue: Nonsense! I’d never go out with otaku!!

Sasahara is let down and the rest of them feel sorry for him.

Kuchiki: Oh, what is this heavy mood?

Kasukabe: You’d be quite dangerous if you were a comedian, after all.

Kuchiki: Huh?

He’s as clueless as he usually is.

( to be continued )


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