All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-8


Kuchiki hit the mark that Sasahara and Ogiue might have a thing for each other, however Ogiue denied it and Sasahara is pretty disappointed.

Kasukabe: Well, let’s put it aside for now. The thing I can tell you is going out with otaku is really hard…

Just then, someone comes in.

Kosaka: Hello, there!

Kasukabe: Oh, hi, Kosaka!

Kosaka: Hi, Saki! Long time no see!

The rest of them say hello too.

Kosaka: You know, Saki, I got a job offer!

Kasukabe: Oh, jeez! Which one? Is the game company you told me? Congratulations!

Kosaka: Thanks, it’s Psyche.

At the moment, all of them except Kasukabe suddenly change awkward.

Kasukabe: Huh? Is it famous? I don’t know it myself, though.

Madarame: It’s too much to tell for me.

Kasukabe: What?

Sasahara: Same here.

Oono: It is actually famous in a way.

Kasukabe: Uh, it couldn’t be…

She has a terrible insight from their attitude.

Kosaka: Yes, it’s an adult game maker!

Kasukabe: Oh, my god!!

She’s so shocked she even starts losing her soul from her mouth.

Kosaka: Then, I’m staying at the company from tonight since they’ve been already falling behind their current work. They said their previous programmer got away, so I’ll be a replacement for that.

Sasahara: A programmer?! Were you able to do any programming, Kosaka?

Kosaka: No, I couldn’t at all, so I took a month to learn programming.

Sasahara and Madarame: A month?!

They’re both quite shocked by his quick learning.


Kosaka: It’s good to have a specific skill with me, right?

Madarame: ( Awesome! )

Sasahara: ( I envy him! )

Oono: ( I’m so sorry for Saki, rather yet, I can’t see why she wouldn’t break up with him. )

Kosaka: As they need an immediate capable worker, I’m not sure when I get back home next time.

Kasukabe: Now you see how hard it is like?

She even has a bright face beyond angry.

Ogiue: I don’t think it’s been the matter of otaku anymore.

Oono: I’m sorry. It’s pathetic. Sorry-pathetic…

Then, Kasukabe finally goes off at the deep end.

Kasukabe: Hey, Kosaka! We’re moving to a hotel, right now!

Kosaka: What? You know I’ll start working from tonight. You’ve got your own business, too, Saki?

Kasukabe: We’re doing it as much times as possible before you leave! Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!!

Kosaka: Huh?

Kasukabe: At least ten times!

Kosaka: Is that your time?

Kasukabe: Don’t be stupid! Both you and me…

They are off to somewhere in the end. The rest of Genshiken get back to themselves.

Madarame: Now, I’m getting back to work.

Kuchiki: And me, Kuchie, is to the class as well.

Sasahara: I have no time to play around, either.

Ogiue wants to say something but she can’t.

Sasahara: See you.

Only Oono and Ogiue are left in the room.

Oono: You’ve got to write your comic book, Ogiue, right?

Ogiue: Yes.

( to be continued )


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