All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP9-11


Trailer part

Kuchiki: Check it! Check it on your heart and on your video recorder!

Ogiue: You look happy, eh?

Kuchiki: Of course! We’ll have an original writer’s screenplay next week!

Ogiue: Ah, we often see the case these days, I’m not very sure about it, though.

Kuchiki: What do you say?! It’s nice, after all! It’ll be just praised when it turns out good enough. If not, we’ll just boom our imagination what happened behind the scene; arguing, dealing, revising, reserving, bad-mouthing, and all sorts of the hell!!

Ogiue: I just got that you were so excited about it…

Note: Almost all TV animation have their own scriptwriters for each episode or the whole series. The original writer, such as comic books or light novels, rarely writes a script for the animation because they’re busy, supposedly.


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