All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10


“OTAKU from USA”

Today they’ve been to Ogiue’s apartment to talk about the schedule of Comic-Fest.

Ogiue: The circle entrance is from 7:30 to 9:00. Please check out your circle guidance for the timetable too.

It’s been awkward for Oono to be sitting between Ogiue and Sasahara because she’s been rather cold to him today. Oono looks back on what they said each other the other day. [Start flash back]

Ogiue: No way! I’ll never go out with otaku!!

Sasahara: I have no time to play around. [End flash back]

Ogiue: And we’ll meet in the front of Kokusai-tenjijo station at 7:30, OK?

Oono: Oh, we’re meeting at the venue?

Ogiue: What’s wrong with that?

Oono: Say, it’ll be more fun we meet at the nearer station then go together!

Ogiue: It’s bothering. If someone’s late, we all have to be late. So, it’s safer we go there in separate. I’ll give you a ticket today, so please check in on your own according to the case on that day.

Oono: Right…

Sasahara: Where’s the location of the circle?

Ogiue: I’ve already copied it too.

She just gives him the paper.

Sasahara: Is it in this red circle? Hm, it’s in the middle of the “island” like us before.

Ogiue: Yeah, it’s fine.

Sasahara: And it’s the 2nd day. What’s your genre, by the way? It’s REASS MOOD, after all?

Ogiue: Uh, well, don’t mind it.

Oono and Sasahara aren’t very happy about this, naturally.

Oono: What?! There’s no use keeping it a secret now! We’ll eventually find it out that day!

Sasahara: Well, I think it helps nothing, too.

Ogiue: Maybe that’s right… Actually, I’ve changed the theme to Kuji-Un’s Mugi-Sen book at the last minute. You know, it’s like “Oh, is that the end-up, after all?”

Sasahara: Ah, all right.

Oono: Hm, hm.

Sasahara: You know, doing what you like it the best thing, right?

Ogiue: Uh, I’m not saying…

Sasahara: Huh?

Ogiue: Never mind.

In fact, she’s been avoiding to see his eyes today and it was the first moment she looked at his face, however she turns her face again.

( to be continued )


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