All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-1


They’ve been at Ogiue’s apartment to talk about Comic-Fest but Ogiue has been upset with Sasahara for some reason and doesn’t see his face.

Oono: Then, how did you end up with your drafts? If you haven’t done yet, we’ll help your work with some ink or screen-tones?

Ogiue: I’ve already submitted it to the printing office.

Oono: Eh?

Ogiue: I said it’s been done already, although I’m still thinking of making some copied-books or flyers until the day if I can.

Oono: Oh, all right. You’re so quick.

Ogiue: Yeah, in fact, I was even able to get an early-bird discount.

The nearer to the date of Comic-Fest, the higher the cost of printing ups. Ogiue’s case is the opposite of that.

Sasahara: Great! You know, she was so quick at writing manga when I asked her last year too.

Ogiue: Not really…

She seems a little happy with his compliment but still wouldn’t speak to him seeing his face.

Oono: So, there’s no draft in here? But you must have taken some copies?

Ogiue: Of course yes, but please read after it’s made into a book.

Oono: Oh, not again! Don’t be so shy?

Ogiiue: Whatever you want to say.

Sasahara: Which printing office did you use?

Ogiue: Minami Printing, the same office that Genshiken used last year.

Sasahara: Ah, I see. But you didn’t come with us when we turned in our drafts last year. Didn’t you have any trouble?

Ogiue: Well, it was okay.

Sasahara: All right. I would have introduced you if you had told me in advance.

Ogiue: You’ve been busy, Sasahara, right?

Then she, for the first time today, turns to him and says.

Ogiue: There’s no time to play around for you!

( to be continued )


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