All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-2


Ogiue said to Sasahara “You’re too busy to play around”, which is the same line he used before by the way. Apparently this is the point that she’s been upsetting with him. Both Sasahara and Oono are startled by this.

Sasahara: Uh, well, you’re right. But I think I could use some diversion, too.

He’s pretty confused as Ogiue is so harsh to him, so Oono helps out with him.

Oono: She’s so harsh as usual, isn’t she?

Sasahara: Does she hate me?

Ogiue: I don’t hate you anyway!

Sasahara: Oh, really?

Ogiue: Anyway.

Sasahara: Good to know that.

Oono: Anyway, I can’t wait to see her Mugi-Sen book! You must be looking forward to reading it, too, Sasahara?

Sasahara: Yeah.

Ogiue: You can’t do that, Sasahara.

Oono: Why not?!

Ogiue: Do I really need to explain it? There’s no woman who’s happy about men reading it!

Her book is basically a gay porn comic and is never supposed for “normal” men.

Ogiue: To be honest, I can’t just stand it.

Oono: I understand you but he is going to support you…

Sasahara: Oh, don’t mind! It’s all right! Everybody has their own things they want to keep to themselves.

Ogiue: I’m not very sure about the logic…

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Ogiue: Well, now I think I was wrong.

Sasahara: No problem.

( to be continued )


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