All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-4


Their meeting at Ogiue’s house has ended. Sasahara and Oono are about to leave.

Oono: I’ll visit you again, right?

Ogiue: Not for any bad reasons.

She turns to Sasahara.

Ogiue: Thank you for your time while you’re busy.

Sasahara: Uh, well, you’re welcome.

Ogiue: Oh, I didn’t mean to be sarcastic!

From her today’s cold attitude to him, it could have been taken so.

Sasahara: It’s okay. I still want to do this for now…

Ogiue: Hm?

Sasahara: You never know.

He knows he won’t be enjoy this kind of activities once he starts working at some company after graduation.

Then, Sasahara and Oono are on the way back to each home.

Oono: ( I’m sure he and Ogiue are having a thing for each other. )

She remembers some of Ogiue’s lines.

Ogiue[in flash back]: No way! I’d never go out with otaku!

Oono: Why does she hate otaku so much?

Ogiue[in flash back]: So, I hate myself!

Ogiue[in flash back]: Giving shape to my embarrassing delusion then release it to the world?

Oono: ( If you can’t show it to him, then you can’t show yourself to him, either. That isn’t good… )

She reflects on her own experience with Tanaka.

Oono: ( I was lucky to have Tanaka with me, though… Uh, we took a long time too. Maybe it just hasn’t been the right time for Ogiue and him yet. )

She looks at Sasahara trudging in front of her.

Oono: ( Well, he looks even more faint-hearted than Tanaka. If he directly tells Ogiue he likes her, she must say yes. )

For some reason, she feels funny with the situation.

Oono: We can’t wait Comic-Fest to come, right?

Sasahara: Oh, yeah.

Oono: ( It’d never begin unless you word it, really. )

( to be continued )


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