All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-6


Oono’s American friends named Angela and Sue suddenly visited Japan and Genshiken.

Oono: Um, I don’t think I need to introduce them anymore. They’re my friends in the US. She’s Angela Burton.

Angela: Hi!

Oono: And she’s Susanna Hopkins. Please call her Sue or Suzy.

Sasahara, Madarame and Ogiue are still being confused.

Oono: They’ve suddenly visited Japan to go to Comic-Fest.

Madarame: Oh, what?!

Oono: It was all of a sudden. They called me to meet them when they arrived Narita airport this morning!

Madarame: Wow, that was selfish.

Angela: Man, I’ve got to see your boyfriend. I wanna have my costume made.

Oono: You should’ve told me before that. He can’t make it so quickly!

Of course the rest of them can’t understand what they’re talking.

Oono: Well, as you see, I can’t help in as a salesclerk, I’m sorry! Could you make it out by two of you? I’m really sorry about this!

Both Sasahara and Ogiue startle at the key word “only two of them”.

Ogiue: Well, I guess we could manage…

Sasahara: …Somehow…

Saying so, he looks at Madarame’s face.

Madarame: Oh, I’ve got to work on Saturday.

Angela: And you’re going to get all the dojinshi, aren’t you, Sue?

Sue’s been reading a copy of dojinshi in the room already.

Sue: [Snickering]

Her way of snickering is from Keroro Gunso, by the way.

( to be continued )


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