All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-7


Genshiken, especially Madarame, got raided by two American women, who were Oono’s friends and otaku as well. Now Oono brings them to Tanaka’s apartment to see if he can make some costume for Angela that she really hopes.

Tanaka: Um, you know, I’m afraid it’s a little too late to begin from now.

Oono: That makes sense! (To Angela) He said he can’t! You’re too late!

Angela: Oh…

Tanaka: So, what kind of character did she want to play?

Sue’s already started to look for model-kits in his room and seems to have found something special.

Angela: Can I do this one?

She shows him a picture of Angol Moa, a girl character in Keroro-Gunso.

Tanaka: Oh, this is. It looks skimpy but needs a lot of accessories. Hm…

Oono: You should say no if you can’t.

She’s basically not very happy with him making costumes for another women.

Tanaka: Yeah, you’re right…

Angela seduces him to listen to her wish.

Angela: Soichiro, please! Your untidy beard’s nice… [whoo]

Oono slaps on her head to stop her necking him.

Angela: Ouch! You got so violent, Kanako!

Oono: That because I didn’t have a boyfriend when I was in the states, huh!

Tanaka: All right, I’ll give it a try. But please give up when I can’t make it in time, OK?

Oono: Oh, you will? [sigh] You’re too serious…

Angela: Great! Thank you Soichiro!

Meanwhile, Sue’s digging out some “new” Gun-Pla(model-kit) from his closet and is going to assemble them on her own.

Tanaka: Uh, you’re welcome.

Angela: Do you want to measure me then?

Tanaka: Huh?

Oono: Are you going to measure her?

Tanaka: Oh, yeah, but can I ask you to do that for me, Oono?

He’s going to move to the next room so that Angela can take off her clothes for measuring, but she’s already taken off her shirt in front of him.

Tanaka: Oh?!

He’s pretty surprised and flattered by her exposure. Oono hits him not to see Angela’s nude anymore.

Sue: Assemble, dumbs!

Oono: Angela! Put on your clothes now! Come on! Why are you staying that way, Angela?

She’s pretty upset with Angela being naked in front of her boyfriend.

Sue: And that’s it.


Oono takes them out to the downtown area.

Oono: You’d better not fool with him. Japanese men would take it seriously.

Angela: They would? I’m not saying I love you or anything?

Oono: We Japanese believe in non-verbal communications and try to understand and send feelings. It sometimes leads whimsical speculations.

Angela: It does? And that happens only to otaku?

Oono: I say no.

Angela: Oh, that’s why the butlers understand our feelings and take care of us so well.

Sue: Welcome home, my master!

Because she shouted the line so loudly, the passengers nearby get surprised.

Oono: That’s a maid!

Angela: I can’t wait to go to the butler’s cafe!

( to be continued )


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