All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-8


Madarame comes to Genshiken’s club room for lunch as usual. But today he’s very cautious before getting in the room. Why? That because he’s afraid of Angela and Sue attacking him when he’s by himself. With his careful inspection, he concludes that there’s no one around.

Madarame: [Phew]

He gets in the room then…

Angela: Yo!

He’s so surprised that he hits his head on the wall. In fact, she’s been hiding and waiting for him to show up.

Angela: [Laughs] You’re so funny! I can’t believe you’re so-uke!

So-uke refers to very sensitive in this line.

Angela: Hey, Kanako, coming soon.

Madarame: Uh, Oono is coming soon! She’ll be here soon. Um, OK! …wait, all right? or, simply “yes”?

Angela: Hey, do you have the last issue? Can I borrow the August issue?

She asks him showing him a copy of anime magazine (Mania-ju) of September.

Madarame: What? This is Lyass-Mood (The title of anime), eh?

He thinks she asked him about the coverage character.

Angela: August, August.

She points at the number on the magazine.

Madarame: Oh, maybe you want the 8-gatsu(August) issue? Is 8-gatsu August, right? So, it’s the last issue.

He picks out a copy of the August issue.

Madarame: Is this okay?

Angela: Oh, that’s it! Thanks, Madarame-san!

Madarame: Oh, douitashimasite… uh, you’re welcome.

Angela: Oh, good!

He’s going to take a seat across the table.

Angela: Hey!

She taps on the table with her left hand.

Madarame: Eh? Is that my seat?

Angela: Yes!

Now he’s so nervous sitting next to her.

Madarame: Uh… what’s going on here?

Angela opens the magazine and she wants to read it with him.

Madarame: Uh, I get it.

He holds the left side of the paper not to flip over. Then he keeps helping her read the magazine even without having his lunch, which was his first purpose to come here. He looses his hold of the paper as she seems to have finished the current page. They laugh at the same time when they’ve turned some page even without verbal communication.

( to be continued )


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