All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-10


As Madarame and Angela are being in a kind of romantic mood, someone arrives and opens the door.

Kasukabe: Hello!

Madarame freaks out to hear her voice and steps aside from Angela in a hurry.

Angela: Ah.

Kasukabe: I guess I saw her.

Kosaka: Yeah.

Kasukabe: Oh, there she is! Hello, nice to see you! I’ve heard about you from Kanako! You must be Angela? I’m Saki Kasukabe.

Angela: Oh, I’ve heard about you too! And I feel I know you well! Kanako was talking about you all the time! Nice to see you. I’m Angela.

Kosaka: Konnichiwa (=hello), Angela. I’m Kosaka Makoto.

Angela: Oh, konnichiwa, watashi ha Angela desu! ( Hello, I’m Angela )

Madarame is so shocked to hear she’s speaking Japanese.

Kasukabe: How do you know Kanako?

Angela: Well, she was my neighbor. We didn’t know each other.

Madarame: ( Does she reply in Japanese when I speak Japanese?! )

Angela: And then, suddenly, she started to stay alone.

Kasukabe: Oh, it’s a story gonna be serious?

Angela: No! And, one day, sue was doing The Sailor Moon.

Kasukabe: [Asking Kosaka] What’s The Sailor Moon?

Just then, Oono shows up with Sue.

Oono: Hi, Saki!

Kasukabe: Hi, I was just talking about you. Oh, nice to see you Suzy. I’m Saki Kasukabe.

But, for some reason, she walks up to Madarame without answering Kasukabe.

Madarame: Huh?

Sue: You’ve got too much nerve of yourself, Nobita!

This line’s from Doraemon, a popular cartoon in Japan. A bully kid named Gian often uses it to another weak glasses boy named Nobita. She said it to Madarame in Japanese and everyone there burst into a laugh.

Kasukabe: Even I can understand this!

Oono: [Laughs] No, Sue don’t!

Sue looks pretty happy since they caught to her joke.

Madarame: Hahaha…

He glances at Kasukabe, who also looks so happy with Sue’s joke.

Kasukabe: She made me so laughing! Sue, you’re bright!

Sue: [To Madarame] Are you an idiot? [in Japanese]

Madarame: Not again…

Only Angela notices Madarame being self-conscious about Kasukabe.

( to be continued )


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