All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP10-11


Having done greetings with Genshiken friends, Angela and Sue are leaving their club room with Oono.

Angela: Japanese people are really sensible.

Oono: What? Yeah, yes.

Angela: But, we understand people too, naturally.

Oono: Huh?

Angela: Still, we must say something to be understood.

She remembers Madarame was being self-conscious in front of Kasukabe.

Oono: I don’t understand what you’re talking about?

Angela: Well, I’m not telling you!

A few days after then, here’s another guy who’s dread of these American otaku women.

Kuchiki: Hm…

He looks around to make sure if they’re near the club room. Then, suddenly, he hears their conversation. It seems Angela is talking to Kasukabe about some animation.

Angela: …You’re wrong. He’s the strongest [some adjective] character. Don’t you understand?

Kasukabe: No, I don’t understand that at all.

Angela: But not stronger than Ritsu Gaweign!

Kasukabe: What you said, pardon?

Kuchiki: Nooo!!!

He freaks out and escapes from Angela before he meets her, but he’s too hurried that he ends up crashing into the wall, which Man-ken women happen to see.

Yabusaki: What’s wrong with that guy?


Trailer segment.

Kugayama: A-Are you a rich family, Kosaka?

Kosaka: No, a regular worker. Why?

Kugayama: You buy lots of games and DVDs. I’m amazed you have such a money.

Kosaka: That’s maybe because I use little money on anything other than my hobbies. I’m fine without diet too.

Kugayama: Like you don’t mind using convenience stores everyday?

Kosaka: Not exactly, either. I don’t just want to spend my time and money on like eating or sleeping, which I’m not very interested in.

Kugayama: I-Is that really a matter of your interests?!


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