All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11


“The Real Hardcore”

In the middle of August, the summer Comic-Fest is taking place. Ogiue and Sasahara are in here as a circle (= vendor group). She’s been waiting for him in the crowd for a while, then soon she finds him on the way.

Sasahara: Sorry, I’m late?

Ogiue: No, I just got here too. Thank you for your time to help me today.

Sasahara: No problem. I’ll try it as much as I can do.

After greeting, they’re on the way to the circle entrance.

Sasahara: I wonder if Oono and her friends have already waiting in the line?

Ogiue: I heard they came by the first train yesterday.

Sasahara: Even from the first day? I’m surprised.

Ogiue: And as well as today. They said they were walking around for fully three days.

Sasahara: That’s the fujyoshi (=otaku women)! Great vitality! They don’t suffer from jet lags or something?

Ogiue: It’s the guts the female otaku excel at, not at vitalities.

Sasahara: Oh, OK.

Ogiue: I got here around the noon yesterday. Then I ran into them at a certain genre, where I got glared at by Suzy. I wasn’t sure what was the meaning. Was she upset with me getting there too late or maybe she was claiming on her territory.

Sasahara: [Laughing] She’s wearing blunt character all the time. Maybe she found you the same character with her.

Ogiue: I’m not making up my character myself!

She isn’t very happy being seen the way.

Sasahara: Oh, I’m sorry…

Ogiue: Nop.


In the meantime, Oono, Angela, Sue and Tanaka are waiting in the long line to the Comic-Fest. Oono and Angela are making a smile on her faces but Sue looks sullen.

Sue: Look! People are like garbage!!

This line’s from The Castle in the Sky [Tenku no Shiro Rapyuta], a famous line by  Colonel Muska. Maybe Sue’s been having time on her hands sitting in the crowd under the hot weather. Anyway, people around them get surprised by her loud voice, naturally.

Angela: Aha!

Oono: We know, so don’t say that!

Tanaka: I’m sure she knows what she said.

Sue: Vals!!

It’s the famous line from Rapyuta as well.

Oono: Shut up, Sue!

( to be continued )


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