All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-1


Ogiue and Sasahara eventually got to their sales counter.

Sasahara: Here it is.

Ogiue: Right.

They find a package of dojinshi under the table, which was sent by the printing office she ordered. Ogiue wants to check it out right now but she’s embarrassed to have them seen by Sasahara too.

Sasahara: Go ahead.

She picks up one copy.

Sasahara: Is it good?

She flips the pages out of his sight.

Ogiue: The print is… good. You can’t look at this, right?

Sasahara: I know.

Ogiue: You’ll be cursed even one look. You can’t touch them, either.

Sasahara: What? I can’t work as a vendor in that case.

Ogiue: We can get by!

Sasahara: ( It’s sure there’re only women around, but I don’t feel like they’re keeping me away. Maybe, they just takes no notice of me as they have no reaction to me. )

In the meantime, she’s setting up a price tag on the table.

Ogiue: Does it work this way?

Sasahara: Good.

Ogiue: Ah, please go to any circle you planed to go in the meantime.

Sasahara: Yeah, but no need to haste. It isn’t allowed to walk around before the open as well. It’s all good after it began.

Ogiue: Okay.

Announcement: Now we’re beginning the 2nd day of the 68th Comic Festival.

They see several customers in the hall but no one at their counter.

Sasahara: You know, it’s a bit too early to sell and buy eagerly, still a relaxing hour.

Ogiue: Yeah, Kuji-Un’s dojinshi for ladies has been only popular among those who love it, and the original comic book is for men, after all.

Sasahara: But there’re some guys too.

Ogiue: Hm, they might care for Chihiro’s sexual transition.

Sasahara: Oh.

Ogiue: Even so, the writers are women. I’m sure they have mixed feelings.

Just then, a woman comes by their counter. But Ogiue is too nervous to say hello.

Sasahara: P-Please take a look.

Woman: Thanks.

Ogiue is so nervous as the woman is flipping her dojinshi. But, no luck, she just puts the copy back on the table and off.

Sasahara: Thank you.

Ogiue: …T-Thank you… ( No luck… )

Sasahara: Take it easy.

Ogiue: Oh, I’m fine. Um, I’m sorry I had kept you saying things for me.

Sasahara: Don’t worry.

Ogiue: I’m saying things too next time!

Sasahara: You don’t have to be so determined, eh?

( to be continued )


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