All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-2


In the meantime, Oono and Angela are enjoying cos-play outside. It seems Tanaka managed to make Angela’s costume in time. These two women are so hot in the costumes that a lot of people crowd to shoot them with cameras.

Oono: I’m just taking a break, sorry!

She takes a break on the bench.

Tanaka: Good job. She’s really tough.

He gives her a drink. Angela is still making several poses for the camera while Oono is at break.

Oono: Yeah, Angela plays sports too.

Tanaka: She’s even got a line on her abdomen. In fact, I’m so relieved I’ve made it in time. Her dress pattern is different than yours, after all.

Oono: My breasts are bigger than hers, you know.

Tanaka: What?

Oono: You can go and shoot her too, Tanaka!

Tanaka: Oh, thanks but I can’t! I’ve brought my camera with me just in case but I’d rather want to sleep, actually I want to lie down.

He maybe hasn’t slept for several days for Angela’s costume.

Angela: Kanako, come on, interpret!

There’s some media crew to interview her.

Oono: Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t call me so loudly.


Back to Ogiue and Sasahara, there’s a customer at their counter.

Woman: One copy, please.

Sasahara: Thank you. 500 yen please.

Ogiue: T-Thank you…

She barely says the words.

Sasahara: How do you feel like, Ms. Ogiue? You just sold one!

Ogiue: Uh, how can I say. It’s something more than I expected…

She gets stunned when she looks at his face, which is full smiling. She feels her heart’s running fast.

Ogiue: Um, I’m off to the bathroom…

Sasahara: Oh, all right.

Ogiue: ( T-That was close! I was staring at his face because… because he looked so happy!! )

She realizes she has a special feeling towards him on the way to the bathroom.

While Ogiue’s away, Sasahara is tempted to look at her dojinshi but he manages to tolerate. Then, a short woman comes by.

Nyaako: “Meow”, One copy please, Yukimi-An-San “Meow”!

Yukimi-An is Ogiue’s pen name (or her circle’s name) by the way.

Sasahara: Thank you. Um, don’t you want to check the inside?

Nyaako: No, it’s all right “Meow”.

In the meantime, Oono and Angela are taking a break together.

Oono: It’s past noon already. I wonder why Sue hasn’t come back.

Angela: Oh, don’t worry. I think she’s just walking around to see everything. She’s so thorough you know?

Oono: But she stands out in the crowd. I hope she’ll be okay.

Angela: She’ll be just fine!

Oono: ( I wonder if Sasahara is getting along with Ogiue… )

( to be continued )


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