All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-4


Two women show up at Ogiue’s counter and they call her name.

Nakajima: Are you Ogiue?

Ogiue looks up at her face with a little scare.

Nakajima: Oh, you’re Ogiue, right?!

Shigeta: Really? Wow, I missed you so much! I didn’t recognize you since you have no glasses!

Not only Ogiue but also people around them are surprised by their loud voices.

Sasahara: ( Are they her local friends? )

Nakajima: I heard that you moved out to Tokyo but I didn’t imagine I’d meet you in this place! [smiling] Oh, is this your book? Cool!

She takes up one copy and flips it through.

Nakajima: You haven’t quit drawing, eh?

Shigeta: I know.

They’re pretty happy to meet Ogiue by chance, although Ogiue doesn’t look the same.

Nakajima: I’ll take one! 500 yen?

Ogiue: No, I’ll give you!

Nakajima: Oh, really?

Ogiue: Sure, I will!

Nakajima: Thanks!

She gives a look at Sasahara next to Ogiue.

Sasahara: Hello…

Nakajima: Your boyfriend?

Ogiue: No!

Sasahara: ( Ugh, it’s so worn-out… )

Nakajima: Hmm…

She stares at Sasahara’s face again.

Sasahara: ( W-What?! )

Nakajima: All right. Thanks for your dojinshi!

Shigeta: Thanks!

Nakajima: Stay being well, bye!!

They say good-bye waving to each other, but Ogiue doesn’t look very well.

Ogiue: I’m sorry they said stupid things…

Sasahara: Don’t worry. Are they your local friends?

Ogiue: Yeah, my… junior high friends…

Sasahara: Your friends?

Ogiue: Frankly, they’re the same kind of me.

She suddenly turns pale.

Sasahara: Hey, Ogiue?!

Ogiue: Sorry, I feel a bit sick…

Sasahara: Do you need a first-aid station?!

Ogiue: No, I’ll be fine with a short break… It’s just a mental matter…

Sasahara: ( A mental matter? Does it have something to do with those women? But,  junior high is quite old! )

As he’s worrying about Ogiue, another surprise guest comes by their counter.

( to be continued )


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