All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-5


Ogiue is shocked to meet her old friends by chance. Sasahara is worried about her condition, but there’s another guest comes – it’s Sue.

People: Blond hair… a foreigner? … Cute!

Ogiue and Sasahara are confused because Sue is just staring at them with no word. Then suddenly, Sue picks up her dojinshi.

Ogiue: Oh! What should I do?!

Sasahara: Uh, don’t worry. You just sell if she likes it.

Sue carefully looks at its cover.

Ogiue: B-But, I’ll give it to her if she wants!

They get even more confused when Sue offers 1000 yen without words.

Ogiue: Um, irimasen agemasu! ( I don’t need money! You can have it! ) You know, no money! Ugh…?

Sasahara: Oh, that’s not right! You’re acting like Kuchie!

Ogiue: Oh, no! Money… no need… Damn! I can’t think of anything! Money… money… Jeez!

She’s so panicked she can’t hit on any proper English phrases.

Ogiue: Oono! P-Please get Oono here! No, I’m going for her myself!

Sasahara: Hold on, we don’t know where she’s now, and plus, it’ll take too long!

Ogiue: She’s in the cos-playing area, after all!

Sue makes a long face because they wouldn’t take her bill.

Sasahara: Like, you want to say you’ll give it to her, so it’s “Present for you”?

Sue: …Thanks.

They finally get to Sue and she looks so happy with it. Putting the book into the bag, she’s off to somewhere waving to them.

Ogiue: Did she get us?

Sasahara: I guess yes. She said thanks. Oh, how are you feeling? Fine?

Ogiue: Ah, come to think of it, it seems it’s gone out of my mind already. Oh, no, it sounds like as if I told a lie!

Sasahara: You know, you said it was a mental matter, right?

Ogiue: I’m sorry I had you worry about me…

Sasahara: No problem… but…

Madarame: Hiya!

Ogiue and Sasahara are pretty surprised by his visit all of a sudden.

( to be continued )


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