All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-6


Madarame shows up right after Sue was gone, which both Sasahara and Ogiue pretty surprised by.

Sasahara: Madarame?!

Madarame: I’ve been to here, aha!

Sasahara: W-What about your work? You said you had to be working today?

Madarame: I got a half day off, aha!

Sasahara: You did, uh-huh?

Madarame: Oh, is it the Mugi x Sen book?

He’s about to take a copy on the table.

Sasahara: It’s said you’ll be cursed when you touch it.

Ogiue: Yes, it’ll put a curse on you.

Madarame: W-Why?

Ogiue: Whatever!

But they don’t realize Sue’s returned to them for some reason.


Sue: Signature, please!

She asks Ogiue for her signature on a particular page in her dojinshi, and, as a consequence of that, the obscene contents are shown to Sasahara and Madarame too, which Ogiue was trying to prevent so hard.

Guys: Oh, my!!

Sue: This page’s awesome! Real hardcore!

Ogiue: ( Does she do it on purpose, on PURPOSE?! )

She’s almost crying in mind.

Ogiue: You know, I have no great signature myself, so I’ll sign on the cover, okay? ( My character’s never alike her!! )

( to be continued )


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