All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-8

As for a wrap-up party, Ogiue and her friends have come to the spa amusement park named “Dai Tokyo Sentou Monogatari” after the Comic-Fest. By the way, the spa’s name is a parody of “Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari“, a real spa amusement park in Odaiba in Tokyo.

Sue: I’m a woman! I love the ocean!

Sue makes a pose in front of the picture of big wave on the wall shouting this line, which comes from Rumiko Takahashi’s famous manga named “Urusei Yatsura“, by the way.

Angela: Aha! All right, Sue!

Oono: Stop it! We’re not at the Comic Festival anymore!

She gives a sigh. Sue walks up to Ogiue and looks at her chest.

Sue: “Flat-chest is the status!”

Ogiue: Eek!!

She almost crys by her line, which is also a popular phrase to refer to flat-chest girls in some manga and anime.

Angela: Kanako, never mind. Let it go. She’s a bit too excited because she likes Chika so much!

Oono: My first plan has failed…

Angela: Are you talking about Kanji and Chika?

Sue stalks Ogiue and suddenly takes off her own bath-towel to make Ogiue surprised.

Oono: [Nod] Why has it turned out like this.

In the meantime, the guys party are in another open-air bath.

Madarame: It’s really a twist of fate, isn’t it?

They didn’t imagine they’d come to a spa with those women after the Comic-Fest.

Sasahara: You’re right. Speaking of Kuchiki, what is he doing?

Tanaka: He’s left after getting as much books as he wanted.

Madarame: I saw Kosaka at Psyche’s booth.

Sasahara: Really?

Tanaka: Did you speak to him?

Madarame: No, I thought I shouldn’t bother him as he was working at least.

Sasahara: Was he doing well? I guess his job is pretty tough.

Madarame: You know, he didn’t change at all. In fact, he looked even more energetic.

Sasahara: Ah…

Tanaka: Awesome! That’s the way of him!

Sasahara: I wonder what Kugayama is doing?

Madarame: Guess why he didn’t even come to the Comic-Fest.

Tanaka: [Sigh]

They know that they’ve already started living their each lives.

( to be continued )


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