All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP11-9

Angela and Sue are totally wound up in the hot water.

Oono: You can’t get out until you count 100!

She tells them washing her body.

Ogiue: ( Oono is like their mother! What can I say… )

She reminds what happened today. First, she met her old friend.

Nakajima[in her flash back]: You haven’t quit drawing!

It wasn’t very happy event for her. Then, Sasahara told her.

Sasahara[in her flash back]: Oh, that type will become a cartoonist anyway, even though you don’t hope so!

She feels a bit happy with his encouragement. While she’s jogging her memory, Sue’s approaching her. She makes a small scream when she realizes Sue’s gazing at her.

Ogiue: Eek!!

The next day, Ogiue is heading for the meeting point where other Genshiken members are waiting at the Comic-Fest. But she’s not feeling easy because Sue’s following after her.

Ogiue: Can’t you do anything with her? She’s been following after me all along!

Oono: Why not? It’s not very usual that Sue takes to people like that! She must love Ogiue’s book so much!

Ogiue: Have you read it?!

Oono: Of course, yes!

Angela: Yeah, so have I! Chika, your book is great! Especially when Mugio splashes sperm onto Chihiro’s glasses! Oh, yes!!

Sue just agrees to Angela but Ogiue can’t understand what she’s speaking.

Oono: Uh, she’s praising you so much since Angela has a fetish about glasses too.

Ogiue: Really?

Madarame: A fetish about glasses…

Angela: I heard that Genshiken has made a book before. Can I take a look?

Oono: She’s asking if she can read the book that Sasahara made before.

It makes both guys pretty upset.

Sasahara: Uh, no, that’s definitely for men…

Angela: No problem. I love both girls and boys!

Oono: She’s saying she doesn’t care whether it’s for men or for women.

Sasahara: Um, it won’t be good! The main writer has already graduated, so please!

Angela: What? Are they strict about copyright in Japan?

Sue: Step on a cat shit!! ( A popular phrase from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – The Eternity You desire )

This phrase seems to be showing her anger.

( to be continued )


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